Thai Stick from 1978

The Thai Stick is possibly the most popular piece of Cannabis in the Nectarball™ Collection.  The idea of wrapping a bud around a skewer and then securing it with a piece of hemp string seems to ignite the imagination of every aficionado.

We know that today there are several Youtube videos out there about how to create and smoke a Thai stick.  But as you’ll see from the photo, the original Thai stick was a simple and elegant piece of smoking paraphernalia.  You just can’t fake the 70’s.

6 Replies to “Thai Stick from 1978”

  1. Man i wish i could get a real thai stick from the 70’s. We used to pay 75 bucks a stick in like 1975 and payed the price without complaint. I live in a legal dope state but you cant get the good quality stuff from back in the day in the pot shops.

      1. We remember those good old days, but there was always that underlying worry about “The Man.” We need to declassify Cannabis because it is a medicinal plant. The way the feds terrorized our domestic farmers, truly unconscionable.

  2. The photo brings back some old memories from around 1975.
    From what I remember, the Thai sticks were made to easily smuggle in conduit in ships from Thailand.
    The biz and taste was unique and I haven’t found anything close since!
    One of my old suppliers said they were soaked in opium, but who knows, it was a long time ago 🙄🤔

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