Trademark for Nectarball Accomplished

Big news for us! We have accomplished the tricky legal process of creating a trademark for the Nectarball brand.  Why was it so tricky?  Simply because U.S. federal government legislation has not yet caught up with the progressive movement of the states where Cannabis is legal. So navigating the “Catch 22” of trademarking products without shouting too loudly about the Cannabis aspects of the products – was kind of slippery.

Why are the feds so far behind the movement?  We think it’s because Congress and the Senate are filled to the rafters with old white guys.  Add to that their fears and resistance to education about the healing properties of Cannabis, what you end up with is stalemate when it comes to changing laws.  And many of them are beholden to lobbyists from the pharmaceutical, alcohol and private prison industries.  Follow the money.

This year people are speaking of a “Blue Tsunami” and with it, a diversity of new legislators – women, people of color, LGTBQ people.  That is how we are going to open the flood gates so that together we really can address the issues of opioid addiction, alcohol addiction, reasonable pain management with CBDs, salves for burn victims, essential drop for children prone to seizures, etc.  The list goes on.  As we have said many times, anyone who has a body has a medical issue.  It just goes with the territory.

So now that it’s 4:20 in our corner of the universe, help us celebrate one more little victory.

“The Plant That Ate Chicago” as Cheech and Chong used to call it; a Southern California backyard home-grown plant, 1976

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