High Times Cannabis Cup 2018

San Bernardino’s High Times Cannabis Cup this year was fraught with people shooting themselves in the foot.  First the City Council deemed that there would be no commerce at the show.  They made their pronouncement three days prior to the show’s opening.  This, in turn, scared off several sponsors and a whole lot of fair-goers.  Money had to be refunded, apologies made, and yet the show did go on.

Selfishly speaking, it was like a dream for those of us who did attend.  No crowds to elbow through, step-right-up advantages at all the dab and toker booths and strict adherence to sharing gigantic doobies with happy compatriots at 4:20PM.  And by the way, commerce occurred anyway.

Our mission there was to collect interviews of movers and shakers in the Cannabis industry.  We were happy to speak with Cannabis Evangelist, Bong Appetit’s Jason Pinsky, who consented to be interviewed with the caveat that he would interview us first.  We are used to being behind the camera so this was a very interesting premise.  Those who know Jason are familiar with his whimsical, playful nature. Maybe someday he will share that footage with the Cannabis world.

We also spoke with Kyle Kushman, Bobby West aka “Uncle Stoner”, Keiko Beatie and Danny Danko among other cool peeps involved in the industry.

We are grateful to High Times and their stellar staff (including Jon and Danny) who paved the way for us to shoot our interviews, and enjoy all the amenities of their Cannabis Cup.  We loved the weather, the people and the education.  We relished the fares of the food trucks.  We appreciated the rap artist headliners.  We rode the ferris wheel.  We came, we saw and we “honkered.” (If you get my “drift.”)

Maybe next year the San Bernardino City Council will have their act together and partake of the economic boon known as Cannabis.

Here’s a little shout-out video we produced, shot and edited, with some of the Cannabis Luminaries who attended the High Times Cannabis Cup:

High Times Cannabis Cup Shout-Out Video

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