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Classic Cultivars of the 1970’s

The 1970’s yielded some interesting cultivars despite the attacks on Cannabis by our own government, specifically President Dick Nixon whose war on drugs (really it was a war on hippies and people of color) resulted in demonizing a plant, and adding it to a list of Schedule 1 drugs that were considered dangerous. 

Meanwhile, Cannabis aficionados cultivated some classics including Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, Panama Red and Thai Stick, all of which still exist in the Nectarball Collection, the largest and oldest known collection of flowers.

Acapulco Gold 1972 – the nug that began the Nectarball Collection
The Nectarball Collection
Columbian Gold Dark 1978
Panama Red 1978
Pacific Beach 1978
Columbian Dark
Columbian Gold 1978
Thai Stick 1978
Humboldt 1979
Nectarball Black Indica 1979
Thai Stick 1978

4 thoughts on “Classic Cultivars of the 1970’s”

  1. i completely understand not wanting to physically touch these samples. Their age and historical meaning make them impossible to replace. Thankfully there are a couple people who specialize in preserving these old strains. I wasnt fortunate enough for my dad to keep buds of everything from back then but he did keep seeds. I have colombian gold, colombian redbud, durban, lambsbread, thai stick, and almost 2 dozen more, all real 40-50 year old seeds.

    If you ever get the opportunity these samples should be placed into sealed glass containers with the oxygen removed to further prevent any degredation. These samples MUST be kept unmolested even for seeds. They are massively important to keep as they are. I wish i could see them in person. Its literally all i have ever dreamed of.


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