Cannabis Cultivation in Southern California 1970s

We who lived through the 1970s Cannabis Prohibition remember without a speck of fondness the scary moments arising from encounters with police and other authoritarians who had no idea what a boon to humankind was the Cannabis plant.

If you were caught with a film can containing a bud, you could lose your home, your career, your reputation. Smoking or imbibing Cannabis had to be kept tightly under wraps. We lived in a Green Closet with clowns to the left of us, and jokers to the right.

Before we met, my partner cultivated buds in the 1970’s. First he grew some hefty plants in his father’s backyard on an urban San Diego slope. When he met with success he decided to try a larger crop. Thus began his search for a perfect plot of land out in the SoCal wilderness with a lot of sunshine and a water source.

He and his buddy found a patch of land out in Mesa Grande where the two drove a couple of times a week to care for their crop and divert water from a nearby stream. That year yielded a fine crop of 1978 Nectarball – so named because of the honey-like resins on rounded flowers.

This homegrown cultivar – a blend of Afghani Indica and Mexican sativa, became the namesake of his Nectarball Collection.

Millennials and the generations that come later will hopefully never have to experience the cold sweat feeling of police lights in your rearview mirror after you have just smoked a bowl of righteous herb. We still both suffer from a minor case of PTSD – because we had to hide who we were from just about everybody in our lives. Only the most trustworthy friends or family knew of our relationship with Cannabis.

We look forward to the day when it will be legal all around the world to cultivate your own medicine in your own backyard. We have no doubt that the Cannabis plant has been orchestrating that dream this whole time.

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  1. I was born in 58. Grew up in Carlsbad, California in the 60’s and 70’s. A fond memory was in the early 70’s that my older brother said check out this Thai stick. I took 3 hits and experienced a whole new pot high. I was so blown away that I said, this is like acid. It was great stuff. Compacted flower wrapped on a sliver of bamboo with like a thread or fishing line. Sure wish I had some today.

      1. We also grew killer buds out in Fallbrook. I’d give anything to have some 70’s Thai sticks.

      2. Fallbrook, arguably the best location to grow stellar Cannabis. Wiz still has those Thai sticks. But he says they would be unsmokeable at this point, “mummified.”

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