History of Nectarball

The Nectarball® Collection literally stayed in the closet until the current decade during which “pot” (weed, marijuana, grass, Cannabis, etc.) has become legal to grow and imbibe in states like California, Colorado and Oregon.  And now that Canada has legalized recreational Cannabis, more Americans are calling for the legalization of medicinal marijuana across our nation.

So it seems safe to now emerge from the Green Closet and share the Nectarball® Collection with fellow connoisseurs.

Why “Nectarball?”  The Collector aka “Wiz” decided to call his brand of Sensimilla buds he cultivated in the 1970s by the name of Nectarball simply because they were filled with honey-like THC crystals, which was rare back then.   So began the Nectarball Collection of both his buds and all the other various strains (cultivars) that friends, family and acquaintances gave to him because they knew that Wiz was the only person who would hold on to a nug and not smoke it. Thus, the Nectarball Collection has evolved into a museum-quality collection like no other in existence of this magnitude that is this old and complete. It contains hundreds of varieties/strains. These buds originated mostly from the 1970’s and 1980’s and the collection is still growing today.

The Nectarball® Collection is featured in the 2017 documentary by producer Peter Spirer, “The Legend of 420.” 

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