The Story of “The Story of Cannabis”

“NECTARBALL: The Story of Cannabis” the documentary is now “in the can” and making its way through the international Film Festival circuit.

We trekked up to the 2017 Emerald Cup and gazed in wonder at the realized dream of Tim Blake, the man behind California’s esteemed Cannabis event. Tim shared some of his tales, some of them downright harrowing.

Swami Chaitanya and his partner, Nikki Lastreto (Swami Select) spoke to us.

We tracked down Kyle Kushman, Bong Appetit’s Jason Pinsky and Uncle Stoner at the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, to name a few luminaries, and grilled them for hours.

We have celebrated 4:20 with the best of the best. 

We traveled to Amsterdam to speak with Dutch luminaries Mila Jansen, Doede de Jong, Rinus Beintema and Soma. We toured the Cannabis Museum and a few “coffee shops.”

We’ve spoken to the stellar team of San Diego’s own Outco, the city’s first licensed medical dispensary, headed by Chief Chemist Dr. Markus Roggen.

We had a groovy conversation with Tommy Chong (aka “Singing Pineapple”) in his beautiful home, and he shares how the first joint he ever smoked changed his life.

And we headed to The Emerald Cup 2018 to check out the latest Cannabis news. We saw film icons Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes aka Jay and Silent Bob.

We were among a huge audience watching the great Willie Nelson accept the Inaugural Willie Nelson Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Cannabis Industry from Emerald Cup creator Tim Blake.

Even though we have been involved with Cannabis since the 1970’s – albeit behind a green veil – our work has just begun, on both this sorely-needed educational series.

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