Vintage Tales

Classic Cultivars of the 1970’s

The 1970’s yielded some interesting cultivars despite the attacks on Cannabis by our own government, specifically President Dick Nixon whose war on drugs (really it was a war on hippies and people of color) resulted in demonizing a plant, and adding it to a list of Schedule 1 drugs that were considered dangerous. 

Meanwhile, Cannabis aficionados cultivated some classics including Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, Panama Red and Thai Stick, all of which still exist in the Nectarball Collection, the largest and oldest known collection of flowers.

Acapulco Gold 1972 – the nug that began the Nectarball Collection
The Nectarball Collection
Columbian Gold Dark 1978
Panama Red 1978
Pacific Beach 1978
Columbian Dark
Columbian Gold 1978
Thai Stick 1978
Humboldt 1979
Nectarball Black Indica 1979
Thai Stick 1978

Cannabis Nurses

One of the biggest stories of the year has been percolating under the radar it seems. It has to do with the most respected profession in the USA, and that is Nurses.

When I walked into a room filled with over 200 Cannabis Nurses in late February 2019 at the San Diego Harbor Island Sheraton, I felt the Earth move under my feet (thank you Carole King).

Yes, the paradigm shift was physically and spiritually uplifting. These nurses had come to San Diego to learn more about the medicinal qualities of the Cannabis plant and to drill down into exactly why it helps so many of their patients with varying illnesses and concerns. They had come to learn more about the EndoCannabinoid System, how it regulates every other system in the human body and how it features receptors that are amenable to Cannabis. All attendees were baffled by the fact that medical schools do not extensively teach their students about ECS – an important discovery made by Israeli Professor and Researcher and “Father of THC,” Dr. Raphael Mechoulam in 1996.

As Nurse Heather Manus says on the CNNC website, “Knowledge of the Endocannabinoid System and Cannabinoid Therapeutics is merely the tip of the iceberg; actually only scratching the surface, of the top, of the tip, of the iceberg. We have much more to learn and discover; it’s exciting and fascinating to explore the unknown inner-workings of ourselves and the human/plant relationship with Cannabis that is driving current science and research.“

San Diego Councilwoman Barbara Bry, who is running to be our next Mayor, gave the Opening Remarks. She welcomed the nurses and acknowledged the importance of further Cannabis studies. She mentioned that San Diego is on the forefront of these studies and features many dispensaries that service people with medical Cannabis products.

Nurse Fame reminds me of Nefertiti, proud, beautiful and inspirational

Some of the attendees became Cannabis nurses after their own personal experiences. Nurse Fame spoke about how she had been severely injured in an automobile crash that took the life of her 15-year-old son. She described how she had awakened from a concussion to find her son was dead beside her and that the car she was pinned under was on fire. Her road to recovery was long, arduous and accompanied by the healing properties of Cannabis. Nurse Fame’s testimonial was only one of many.

Nurses earned accreditation by attending the CNNC (Cannabis Nurses Networking Conference) now in its fourth year. Videos of all the speakers will soon be available for all the nurses and medical professionals who were unable to participate in this year’s conference.

Nurse Heather is the person primarily responsible for creating the CNNC and standing on the front lines of the Cannabis issue, even when it wasn’t such a popular issue as it is today, and gathering so many caring professionals under one roof. She’s a Power House and a Goddess, as her husband, attorney Ken Sobel, tells everyone. He is rather a big deal, too, as an attorney who has argued for Cannabis and winning several landmark cases.

It was a great gathering of respected nurses and now the work of educating people about ECS and Cannabis continues.


Emerald Cup Shout Out Videos

We produced, shot and edited these videos as a Thank You to the Emerald Cup for bringing us together with some of the movers and shakers of the Cannabis industry in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Author and Master Cultivator Wade Laughter shares memories of the first Emerald Cups
Martin Leffer who hails from Woodstock, NY, carries that vibe with him as President of Not Fade Away Tie-Dye Clothing apparel
John Casali, proprietor of Huckleberry Hill Farms, spent seven years in Federal lock-up because of a plant.
GrandDaddy Mike lays it all out about the medicinal and spiritual qualities of Cannabis
Master Cannabis Cultivator Alexander Carpenter shows gratitude at the 2018 Emerald Cup

An Afternoon with Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong, Cannabis Ambassador

We interviewed the esteemed Tommy Chong in his beautiful Pacific Palisades home for our documentary, “Cannabis Tales from the Nectarball Collection.”

He is as kind and humble as he appears in all those Cheech & Chong movies, and he regaled us with some great stories of his Canadian childhood, how he first became acquainted with Cannabis, his early musical career, and how Cheech & Chong came to be.

What was it like when he took his first toke?

Tommy: “My first marijuana trip was, I was 17 years old. I was in a jazz club called the a Flat Fifth and this Chinese bass player came back from LA and he had two gifts for me. He had a Lenny Bruce record and a joint and he handed me the Lenny Bruce and the joint and I put the joint in my pocket. And so he lit up his other joint that he had from his private stash. And that was the first toke I’ve ever had in my life. And I can tell you, it changed my life. It really did. The music that was playing, I heard music for the first time when I was high. It was an Ornette Coleman song called lonely woman. I’ve looked it up and it’s still incredible and when I heard that song being played when I was high on pot, I could literally see the lonely woman sitting in a hotel room looking out the window.”

There’s more but you’ll have to find out when you see the documentary.

When will it be finished?

We are still collecting interviews, mostly from medical practitioners, Cannabis nurses and people whose health has improved from the use of Cannabis.  If you have a great Cannabis Tale and are interested in sharing it with us, and possibly with the world, then email us at

Meanwhile, here is a live recording I found on Youtube, Ornette Coleman performing “Lonely Woman.”


Emerald Cup 2017

The 2017 Emerald Cup was an amazing venue.  Farmers, distributors, entrepreneurs and aficionados all gathered to learn and share information about their favorite plant – Cannabis. What better way to enjoy the holiday season than with the fresh piney-scents of sweet pungent flowers in the air?

It was my first experience with people speaking about Cannabis freely in a gargantuan space filled with all iterations of the plant – dabs, flowers, salves, ointments, etc. The fairgrounds were packed to the rafters with all things Cannabis.  It was frankly very stupefying, after all the decades I have had to look over my shoulder before whispering to only people I trusted about the topic of marijuana.

There was this one time in the 1980s when I was sitting on the local beach wall smoking a pipette when a bicycle cop busted me and put me in handcuffs.  He rifled through my bag and found a film cannister with a bud in it.  I tossed the pipette – a glass tube – onto the sand where try as he might, the cop could not find it. But that one bud earned me a $100 fine (that’s like $1,000 in today’s currency), derision from a “to-protect-and-serve” public servant, and a splash of PTSD.

So the idea of cruising through smoke-filled halls with wall-to-wall tables of goodies for three days was a dream come true.

We have been shooting a documentary called “Cannabis Tales from the Nectarball Collection.” So we set up a small green screen studio behind one of the halls where we interviewed many VIPs over the three-day event.  This included Emerald Cup Founder Tim Blake, the Humboldt High Five, Swami Chaitanya and many others.

This video features some of the sponsors and vendors at the Emerald Cup and this is what they had to say about it.

Our thanks to all the people of the Emerald Cup who welcomed us and introduced us to some of the most amazing people in the Cannabis Industry.