It’s the most surreal time in the existence of humans as so much seems to be hitting the fan here on Earth. Covid-19, Climate Change aka Global Warming, wildfires, floods, droughts, tornados, hurricanes, political mayhem, and the list goes on. If these are not all indicators of an Endocannabinoid Deficiency in Mankind, I don’t know what is. What better time to celebrate the finest plant known to Mankind, Cannabis.

Our educational series, “Cannabis the Story,” has been under way since 2016, as our team has traveled around the world collecting interviews with such Cannabis luminaries as Ed Rosenthal, Mila Jansen, Tim Blake, Steve DeAngelo and Tommy Chong. Some have sadly now passed, handing the torch to a younger generation of Cannabis activists, including Frenchy Cannoli and Doede de Jong.

In these amazing segments, we focus on History, The “Marihuana” Prohibition, Cannabis the Medicinal Plant, Cannabis vs. Opioids, Cannabis vs. Alcohol, What Cannabis Means to Us, Cultivation, Cannabis in Other Countries (Holland, Argentina, Uruguay), Regulations Faced by Today’s Farmers, and Future Scenarios requiring Activism if we are to create a Canna-centric society which is a much happier place to be.

Most Americans now understand the medicinal benefits of Cannabis.  As Steve DeAngelo so eloquently put it, “Cannabis is a plant that can guide us to the kinds of thinking that we are going to need going forward.”

In honor of the Cannabis Nurses who are the front-line workers in the fight to free the plant, we are posting our latest segment, “The Endocannabinoid System.”

Around five years ago, three of our friends learned they had brain tumors. Two of them decided to explore the efficacy and medicinal benefits of Cannabis in their fight against cancer. Today, those two fellows are still out there playing soccer and enjoying life with their families. Steve decided to trust his doctor implicitly and wanted nothing to do with Cannabis. He stubbornly held on to his belief that his doctor knew everything. Most doctors don’t even realize we have an Endocannabinoid System. They don’t understand the role Cannabis plays in human anatomy.

Steve didn’t make it.

“Fighting Cancer with Cannabis” is now available for you to view and share:

Fighting Cancer with Cannabis (10-minutes, 2021)
Behind-the-Scenes clips from Amsterdam, with thanks to Aleksi Mikael, Herbert M. Green and Brid Ni Fhoighil, not to mention Rinus Beintema, Doede de Jong, Mila Jansen and Soma

Here is the two-minute trailer:

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, Elisabeth Mack, RN and the One-Minute Cannabist, Nurse Heather Manus, Ken Sobel and Casey O’Neill explain the medicinal qualities of Cannabis