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The World Premiere on 10-20-2023 was special, with many “OG’s” attending, including special guests John Salley, Swami Chaitanya and Nikki Lastreto, Nurse Heather Sobel, RN and Ken Sobel, Esq., Nurse EMack and her partner, The Green Nurse, Sherri Mack. Oaksterdam University came and so did Kaveh of Purablis. Viewers showed up from Brazil, Costa Rica and Peru.  

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In this groundbreaking 82-minute documentary, a filmmaking couple embark on a captivating journey across continents to explore the remarkable medical qualities of cannabis.From the vibrant streets of Hollywood to the lush landscapes of Humboldt County, and from the rich cultural tapestry of South America to the captivating beauty of South Africa and Europe, this film takes viewers on a global exploration.

With a mission to shed light on the transformative potential of cannabis, the filmmakers conducted over 170 interviews with renowned cannabis luminaries. These experts, including Tommy Chong, John Salley, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, Nurse Heather Sobel, RN and dozens of others, representing a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives, weave the story of cannabis.

Through intimate conversations, the film delves deep into the science, history, and cultural impact of cannabis, uncovering the many facets of its therapeutic qualities. It reveals compelling stories of individuals whose lives have been profoundly transformed by the medical benefits of cannabis, offering hope and inspiration to audiences worldwide.

“NECTARBALL: The Story of Cannabis” transcends borders and breaks down barriers, capturing the essence of this powerful plant and its role in enhancing the well-being of humanity. This eye-opening documentary is a testament to the tireless dedication and passion of the filmmakers, who have embarked on a truly enlightening global journey to educate and inspire viewers about the incredible medical qualities of cannabis.



Our CannaMinute Series

Welcome to our CannaMinute series, featuring videos that are one minute or less, from Cannabis luminaries who appear in our feature documentary, “NECTARBALL: The Story of Cannabis.” These are “out-takes” that qualify as important information that people should know, personal tales, and other delightful moments. Enjoy!


Tommy Chong

Sunshine Johnston