Hello Fellow Cannabis Proponents and Connoisseurs!  It’s an exciting time during which most Americans now understand the medicinal benefits of Cannabis.  Even my 92-year-old mother used edibles in her final years despite the Greedy Propaganda Machine powered up since the 1930’s by Dupont, William Randolph Hearst and Harry Anslinger, to name a few. And my 86-year-old father enjoyed an herb-laced muffin easing his pain on his last night on the planet.

Welcome to our tiny corner of the emerging Cannabis industry.  Here you’ll find some interesting tidbits of history, hemp swag for purchase and a documentary in the works for your education and pleasure.  So far, over the last few years we have been interviewing on professional 4K broadcast cameras, Cannabis luminaries in Southern and Northern California, Barcelona and the Netherlands.  We’ve spoken with medical professionals, a Cannabis attorney, farmers, seed purveyors, distributors, activists, historians and others who believe in the medicinal, utilitarian and recreational qualities of this most useful plant. It would seem that the “Green Closet Door” has swung open to reveal that there is little to fear; and in fact, Cannabis is here to help us.

We will be continuing our interviews in 2019.  If you have an intriguing “Cannabis Story,” please email us and let us know about it. (patty@nectarball.com)