Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong, an iconic figure in cannabis culture, is best known as one half of the legendary comedy duo Cheech & Chong. Born on May 24, 1938, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Tommy rose to fame in the 1970s with countercultural comedy routines that celebrated the cannabis lifestyle. His comedy albums, movies, and live performances resonated with audiences, showcasing his irreverent humor and cannabis-themed content.

As a vocal advocate for cannabis legalization and responsible use, Tommy has used his platform to raise awareness about its medicinal properties and combat unjust stigmatization. His enduring presence in popular culture has helped shape public perception and contribute to the growing acceptance of cannabis. Today, Tommy Chong remains an influential advocate and entertainer, cherished for his charisma and dedication to promoting the benefits of cannabis.

Steven DeAngelo

Steven DeAngelo is a pioneering force in the cannabis industry, renowned for his advocacy and commitment to social equity. As the co-founder of Harborside, a leading cannabis dispensary in the United States, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s trajectory. With his distinctive appearance and unwavering dedication, Steven has become an iconic figure in the cannabis community. Harborside, under his leadership, has set the standard for quality, integrity, and patient care, offering a trusted haven for cannabis consumers. Steven’s impact extends beyond business, as he has devoted his life to advancing cannabis policy and social justice.

DeAngelo has been a vocal advocate for legalization, tirelessly challenging stigmas and promoting the healing potential of cannabis. Steven’s unwavering commitment to social equity has driven him to fight for inclusivity and equal access to cannabis opportunities for marginalized communities. Through his influential work, Steven DeAngelo has left an indelible mark on the cannabis movement. His vision, passion, and relentless efforts have shaped industry practices and social justice initiatives, making a lasting impact on the cannabis landscape. He continues to inspire and empower others, championing a better future for cannabis and society.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam is a pioneering figure in cannabis research, renowned as the “Father of THC.” His groundbreaking contributions have revolutionized our understanding of cannabinoids and their therapeutic potential. One of Dr. Mechoulam’s notable achievements was identifying and isolating delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. His research on THC’s chemical structure and effects laid the foundation for exploring the plant’s therapeutic properties.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Mechoulam has made significant discoveries, including the isolation and synthesis of other major cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) and the endocannabinoid system. His work has provided a scientific framework for understanding how cannabis compounds interact with the body and their potential medical benefits. Dr. Mechoulam’s research has garnered prestigious awards, shaped cannabis science and fostered the development of cannabis-based medicines. His visionary contributions continue to inspire advancements in cannabis research and promote the acceptance of cannabis as a viable therapeutic option.

Ed Rosenthal

Ed Rosenthal is a highly respected and influential figure in the cannabis industry, renowned for his expertise as a cultivator, author, publisher, and activist. With decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge, Ed has made significant contributions to the advancement of cannabis cultivation, education, and literature. As a cultivator, Ed Rosenthal is widely recognized as “The Guru of Ganja” for his innovative and sustainable cultivation techniques. His expertise in breeding, genetics, and cultivation methods has shaped the modern cannabis landscape. In addition to cultivation, Ed is a prolific author and publisher. His books, including the iconic “Marijuana Grower’s Handbook,” have become indispensable resources for cultivators worldwide.

Through his publishing endeavors, Ed has provided a platform for cannabis enthusiasts and experts to share their knowledge and insights with the community. Ed Rosenthal’s advocacy work has been instrumental in shaping cannabis policy and promoting the rights of cultivators and consumers. He has been a vocal advocate for cannabis legalization, using his platform to challenge stereotypes and champion the benefits of the plant. With his extensive expertise, dedication to education, publishing endeavors, and advocacy efforts, Ed Rosenthal has solidified his status as an iconic figure in the cannabis industry. His contributions have had a profound impact on cultivation, education, and the promotion of responsible cannabis use.

Nurse Heather Sobel, RN

Nurse Heather Sobel, an esteemed healthcare professional and cannabis advocate, is the visionary behind the Cannabis Nurses Network Conference. This annual gathering has become a cornerstone event for the cannabis nursing community, providing a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and professional development.

Recognizing the need for a dedicated space where nurses can exchange insights, learn from experts, and collaborate on best practices, Nurse Heather established the groundbreaking conference. It brings together nurses from around the world interested in incorporating cannabis therapeutics into their practice.

Through renowned speakers, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking discussions, Nurse Heather fosters a supportive environment that empowers nurses to enhance their understanding of cannabis science and patient care. Her visionary leadership elevates the standard of care in the evolving field of cannabis nursing.

Petrie Alexandra-Williams

Petrie Alexandra Williams is a highly influential figure in the cannabis industry, recognized for her exceptional leadership and expertise. As the founder and CEO of Weedcon, a leading platform for cannabis networking and education, Petrie has made significant contributions to the industry’s growth and development.

With a passion for fostering connections and facilitating collaboration, Petrie has created a vibrant community through Weedcon, bringing together industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Her dedication to providing valuable resources, educational opportunities, and networking events has helped shape the cannabis landscape.

Petrie’s visionary approach to cannabis advocacy and business development has earned her a stellar reputation. Through Weedcon, she continues to empower cannabis businesses, drive innovation, and advocate for positive change within the industry. Petrie Alexandra Williams is a respected and influential force, guiding the cannabis community towards a prosperous future.

Keiko Beattie

Keiko Beattie is an influential figure in the cannabis industry, known for her expertise in cannabis wellness and dedication to promoting the plant’s holistic benefits. With a background in health and wellness, Keiko advocates for integrating cannabis into self-care. Driven by personal experiences, Keiko educates and empowers individuals about cannabis’s healing potential, destigmatizing it and highlighting its diverse applications for well-being.

As the founder of Green Goddess Supply, a wellness brand, Keiko shares her knowledge and promotes responsible cannabis use and sustainability. Beyond her business, Keiko actively engages in industry events, speaking engagements, and community initiatives to raise awareness about cannabis therapy. Her expertise in cannabis products and consumption methods makes her a trusted resource for incorporating cannabis into wellness routines. Keiko Beattie’s passion, knowledge, and commitment to cannabis wellness have positioned her as a respected voice in the industry, supporting holistic approaches to well-being and advocating for the benefits of cannabis in enhancing overall health.

Swami Chaitanya

Swami Chaitanya, known as the “Swami of the Sacred Plants,” is a revered spiritual leader, cannabis advocate, and educator. With deep insights into the spiritual properties of cannabis, Swami Chaitanya is a prominent figure in the cannabis community. Having lived in the Himalayas for many years, Swami Chaitanya gained wisdom on the sacred nature of plants, including cannabis. He views cannabis as not just a medicinal herb, but also a spiritual tool for growth and exploration.

Swami Chaitanya’s teachings focus on the spiritual aspects of cannabis, emphasizing mindfulness and reverence. He educates others on ancient traditions and practices, revealing cannabis’s potential for personal transformation and awakening. As a respected spiritual leader, Swami Chaitanya travels worldwide to share his knowledge on cannabis’s spiritual dimensions. His guidance inspires individuals to approach cannabis with mindfulness and respect, recognizing its sacred nature. Swami Chaitanya’s work has profoundly influenced how cannabis is perceived as a spiritual ally. Through his wisdom and connection to the plant, he continues to inspire individuals to explore cannabis’s transformative potential on their spiritual paths.

Wade Laughter

Wade Laughter is a highly regarded cannabis cultivator known for his exceptional expertise and commitment to producing top-quality cannabis strains, including the renowned Harlequin strain. With years of experience in the industry, Wade has mastered the art of cultivating this unique and sought-after variety.

Harlequin, known for its high CBD content and balanced ratio of CBD to THC, has gained popularity for its therapeutic properties and gentle effects. Wade’s meticulous cultivation methods ensure that Harlequin retains its distinct characteristics, including its signature blend of earthy and sweet flavors.

As a cultivator, Wade’s dedication to producing exceptional Harlequin strains showcases his commitment to providing cannabis enthusiasts with high-quality, reliable, and effective options for their wellness needs. His passion for cultivating the Harlequin strain reflects his unwavering belief in the power of cannabis as a therapeutic plant.

Ariel Clark

Ariel Clark is a highly regarded cannabis attorney, recognized for her expertise and contributions to the legal aspects of the cannabis industry. With a deep understanding of the complex and evolving legal landscape, Ariel has played a vital role in shaping cannabis regulations and advocating for responsible industry practices.

As a co-founder of Clark Neubert LLP, Ariel provides strategic legal counsel to cannabis businesses, guiding them through the intricacies of compliance, licensing, and regulatory frameworks. Her dedication to social justice and equity within the industry has been instrumental in shaping policies that prioritize inclusivity and fair access.

Ariel’s extensive knowledge and experience make her a trusted advisor to clients navigating the complexities of cannabis law. Her commitment to promoting a sustainable and responsible cannabis industry has earned her widespread respect and recognition as a leading cannabis attorney.

Danny Danko

Danny Danko is a prominent figure in the cannabis industry, renowned for his expertise in cultivation and his contributions as the author of the book “Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide.” With a passion for cannabis education and advocacy, Danny has dedicated his career to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to cultivate their own cannabis.

In his book, “Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide,” Danny provides a comprehensive and accessible resource for newcomers to the world of cannabis. From understanding the basics of cannabis cultivation to navigating strain selection, harvesting, and consumption methods, the book serves as a practical guide for those looking to embark on their cannabis journey.

Danny’s expertise, gained from years of experience and research, shines through in the book as he demystifies the complexities of cannabis cultivation. His clear and informative writing style, combined with his passion for the plant, make “Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide” an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of cannabis and cultivate their own high-quality flower.

Rinus Beintema

Rinus Beintema is a prominent figure in the cannabis industry, known for his groundbreaking work as the founder of Holland Suver Nuver. With a relentless passion for promoting the medicinal benefits of cannabis, Rinus has dedicated himself to providing affordable and high-quality cannabis products to patients in need.

Through Holland Suver Nuver, Rinus has established a network of cannabis social clubs, offering a safe and supportive environment for patients to access cannabis-based medicines. His unwavering commitment to patient advocacy and education has helped change perceptions surrounding cannabis and empower individuals to take control of their health.

Rinus’s pioneering efforts in the cannabis industry have garnered widespread recognition and respect. His tireless work to destigmatize cannabis and promote its healing properties has made a significant impact on countless lives. Rinus Beintema’s visionary leadership and compassionate approach make him a leading advocate for the medicinal potential of cannabis.

Uwe Blesching, PhD

Uwe Blesching, PhD, is a prominent figure in the cannabis industry, renowned for his expertise in cannabis medicine. With a background in psychology and health science, Uwe has dedicated his career to exploring the therapeutic applications of cannabis. Recognizing the plant’s potential, Uwe has become an authority in cannabis medicine, particularly in pain management, mental health, and overall well-being. As an author and educator, he has provided comprehensive guides through books like “Cannabis Health Index” and “The Cannabis Health Bible.” Uwe’s expertise has made him a sought-after speaker at conferences and seminars. He advocates for integrating cannabis into mainstream healthcare to improve patient outcomes. With his evidence-based approach and commitment to education, Uwe Blesching is a trusted authority in cannabis medicine. His work bridges the gap between cannabis and conventional healthcare, empowering individuals and healthcare professionals to explore the plant’s therapeutic potential.

Ken Sobel, Esq.

Ken Sobel is a highly regarded cannabis attorney known for his extensive knowledge of cannabis law and unwavering commitment to advocating for individuals and businesses in the industry. With a background in law and deep regulatory understanding, Ken provides invaluable legal guidance and representation. Ken shapes cannabis policy and ensures compliance with ever-changing regulations, assisting clients with licensing, regulatory compliance, business formation, intellectual property, and litigation. His meticulous approach, attention to detail, and strategic insights make Ken a trusted advisor in the cannabis industry. His contributions to shaping the legal framework have had a lasting impact.

Michael Cindrich, Esq.

Michael Cindrich is a highly respected and experienced cannabis attorney, known for his unwavering dedication to defending the rights of individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry. With a strong background in law and a deep understanding of the complex legal landscape surrounding cannabis, Michael has become a go-to resource for clients seeking legal guidance and representation.

Throughout his career, Michael has advocated for the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis, working tirelessly to protect the interests of his clients and ensure compliance with evolving regulations. He provides comprehensive legal counsel on matters such as licensing, regulatory compliance, business formation, and criminal defense.

Michael’s expertise in cannabis law has garnered him recognition and respect within the industry. He is known for his strategic approach, attention to detail, and commitment to securing favorable outcomes for his clients. His unwavering dedication to the cannabis community and his tireless efforts in shaping cannabis policy make him a trusted and influential figure in the field of cannabis law.

Alexander Carpenter

Alexander Carpenter is a notable figure in the cannabis industry, known for his expertise in cultivation and advocacy for sustainable farming. With a background in agriculture, he promotes environmentally conscious approaches to cannabis cultivation. Alexander bridges traditional farming practices with the cannabis industry, advocating for organic methods and sustainable techniques. As a founder of a renowned cannabis farm, he sets high standards for quality and sustainability. Beyond cultivation, Alexander educates and advocates for responsible practices among cultivators and policymakers. His work inspires and raises awareness about the environmental impact of the industry. Alexander Carpenter is a respected and influential figure, leading the way in responsible cannabis cultivation and promoting sustainable farming practices.


Mark Schulze, DP and Co-Producer

Mark Schulze is an accomplished Director of Photography and Co-Producer of the groundbreaking documentary “Cannabis the Story – Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit.” With over four decades of experience, Mark is a talented visual storyteller and advocate for cinematic storytelling. Mark’s keen eye and passion for captivating visuals bring “Cannabis the Story” to life. His cinematography skillfully captures diverse locations and influential figures in the cannabis industry. With technical expertise and artistic sensibility, Mark breaks down barriers and challenges misconceptions through visual storytelling. He invites viewers to engage with the subject matter on a deeper level, portraying the beauty, struggles, and triumphs of cannabis. As co-owner of Crystal Pyramid Productions, Mark has an impressive record producing videos for corporate and broadcast clients. Alongside Patricia Mooney, his work has garnered honors and awards. Mark’s dedication, excellence, and passion have made him an invaluable asset to “Cannabis the Story.” His collaborative spirit and visual storytelling expertise contribute to its success and impact. Mark Schulze, as Director of Photography and Co-Producer, continues to push boundaries, using visual storytelling to shed light on cannabis’s healing potential and inspire audiences worldwide.

Patricia Mooney, Writer, Editor and Co-Producer

Patricia Mooney is a visionary filmmaker, co-producer, and driving force behind the groundbreaking documentary “Cannabis the Story – Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit.” With a passion for storytelling and education, Patricia has dedicated her career to creating transformative content. With over four decades of experience, Patricia’s skills as a director and producer set her apart. As co-producer of “Cannabis the Story,” she showcases the plant’s healing potential. Patricia’s personal connection to cannabis through her athletic pursuits inspired her exploration of its healing properties. She co-owns Crystal Pyramid Productions, a renowned video production company in San Diego. Driven by the power of storytelling, Patricia aims to remove stigma and educate about cannabis’s potential to heal. Through “Cannabis the Story,” she inspires conversations and fosters compassion. As a pioneering filmmaker, Patricia Mooney makes a significant impact by pushing boundaries and promoting positive change. Her dedication and passion for meaningful content make her a visionary in filmmaking.

Jacob Brusseau, Composer

Jacob Brusseau is a seasoned music composer, sound designer, and video/audio editor with a comprehensive understanding of the multimedia landscape. Based in Los Angeles, Jacob’s extensive repertoire includes collaborating on content for renowned networks such as ABC Network, MLB Network, and Bleav Podcast Network. With a wealth of experience in film and television projects, he excels in scoring music and producing immersive sound design.

Jacob’s versatility and expertise enable him to thrive in fast-paced creative environments, consistently delivering exceptional results. His ability to collaborate seamlessly with fellow creatives ensures a harmonious and productive workflow. Whether it’s crafting captivating music compositions, refining audio elements, or enhancing overall media production, Jacob’s multifaceted skill set adds immense value to every project he undertakes.

Jon Fitzgerald, Film Consultant

Jon has twenty-five years of experience in the independent film, internet and film festival communities, a rare leader with a unique combination of skills.  As a filmmaker, he has produced a number of award winning documentaries; and as a consultant, he has guided many independent film projects through the maze of festivals  and hybrid distribution models. In October of 2012, Jon authored his first book, entitled Filmmaking for Change:  Make Films That Transform the World, published by industry leader Michael Wiese Productions.

Recognizing that film is more than just entertainment, it is a tool to engage and inspire audiences to take action, Founder Jon Fitzgerald created Cause Pictures as a new paradigm to help create change.  The Company combines Jon’s years of filmmaking, festival and consulting experience, providing services to film festivals and supporting independent filmmakers looking to produce, market and distribute their films to a growing audience yearning for socially relevant stories.