Healing Mind, Body & Planet

NECTARBALL: The Story of Cannabis unveils the untold story of Cannabis, shattering stigma and enlightening minds, bodies, and planet.

Join with us to ignite the healing revolution.



NECTARBALL: The Story of Cannabis delves into the intricate history and therapeutic possibilities of cannabis. Produced by New & Unique Videos, pioneers of special-interest and educational videos beginning in the 1980s, the film aims to enlighten viewers about the positive impact of cannabis.

During the 1970s and 1980s, cannabis faced a wave of fear and stigma due to the intensification of the War on Drugs. However, amidst this atmosphere, the healing power of cannabis remained a firm belief for the creators of the documentary.

The focus of NECTARBALL: The Story of Cannabis is to dispel lingering stigma and foster global awareness of its potential benefits. Through interviews with prominent figures such as Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the Father of THC, Tommy Chong, Steve DeAngelo, Eduardo Blasino, Keiko Beattie, Dan Herer, William Dolphin, Nurse Heather Sobel, RN, Adam Ill, Fernando Soriano, Rinus Beintema, Eduardo Blasino, Hillary Raimo, Uwe Blesching, PhD, Ed Rosenthal, John Salley, and many other cannabis luminaries, the documentary presents a diverse perspective on cannabis from locations such as Hollywood, Humboldt County, Santa Rosa, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Uruguay, and South Africa.

With an original musical score, the film enhances the overall experience for viewers. Backed by the expertise and dedication of the documentary’s creators, NECTARBALL stands as a remarkable contribution to the field, with a mission to transform the dialogue surrounding cannabis and highlight its potential for holistic healing.