Vintage Tales

Nectarball Flowers of 2021

It’s that time of the year once again when the scent of Cannabis flowers rises in the air. We noticed that beautiful scent was pervasive when we visited Humboldt County a few years ago. And it is a reminder of how much we have to be grateful for in life.

In 2021, after 2020 presented itself as a very depressing Covid quarantine year, I strapped myself down in the Editing Bay to work on the “Cannabis the Story” segments. You probably already realize that it’s the Cannabis plant itself that has been leading us all to this moment in “Herstory.” (She is a female plant.)

Thus far, we have completed the “Fighting Cancer with Cannabis” segment which helps educate people with any dis-ease, really, about the medicinal qualities of the Cannabis plant.

Let’s keep on striding together in this moment, and feel free to share our videos with your friends and family members who may still be “on the fence” about this amazing plant.


Adieu, Frenchy Cannoli, Hashishin & Medicine Man

When we traveled to the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa a few years ago, several people insisted that we meet and interview Frenchy Cannoli. Little did we know then that our precious moments with him would add up to this little Legacy Video of his life story that we now share with you today, as an homage to the man, the loving legend and talented hashishin.

This is for you, Frenchy.


Canna-Minute Videos: 12-1-2020 Edition

We realize that people have limited moments in time to view and appreciate videos. So we decided to post these “Canna-Minute” videos which are excerpted from the dozens of interviews we have collected for our documentary, “Cannabis the Story.” We will continue posting these Canna-Minute videos through the coming weeks.

Meet some of the Cannabis luminaries of the documentary:

Tommy Chong, Cannabis Jedi Master

Jenny-Beth Dills, Cannabis Regulations Consultant

Adam Ill, Social Media Influencer

“Cannabis the Story” 24-minute documentary is now streaming at Vimeo:

Vintage Tales

Help! Please Support Our Work

“Cannabis the Story,” a short documentary, 24 minutes long, is now available for viewing at Vimeo. By watching the doc, you will be supporting our ongoing work in disseminating information about this amazing plant to the world at large. We have over 175 hours of footage that we are continuing to edit into short one-minute pieces for social media as well as longer “chapters” for a docu-series. We appreciate your support and your feedback.

Stay safe out there!

Cannabis the Story – A Documentary from New & Unique Videos on Vimeo.


Thank You, Cannabis Farmers

After 5,000 years that we know of, during which humans reaped Cannabis for every utilitarian scenario you can think of – clothing, rope, oil, building materials, paper, sacred rituals and medicine, it took a bunch of old white men afflicted with racism and greed to bring that momentum to a grinding halt.

While those old white guys are now dead and gone, 80 years of Cannabis Prohibition has taken a wrecking ball to everybody’s Quality of Life. As an evolved Cannabis industry tries to take root, during a raging opioid crisis, with U.S. states legalizing it for medicinal use vs. recreational use, and as stigmatized seniors turn to Cannabis as a way of alleviating pain and easing palliative passage, one common denominator remains. The Cannabis Farmers.

It is those farmers who have preserved the seeds and cultivars that are still being destroyed across the world by authoritarian figures who think they are upholding the law. What they are really doing is taking medicine away from people who need it.

It is the farmers who have stood up for Cannabis, even at the cost of their homes, their livelihoods, their families, and even their lives. Some have served time in prison for cultivating a plant. Some are still in prison to this day. That is a travesty.

As more people reach an understanding about the relationship between humans and the Cannabis plant – and it’s truly profound – these “pot busts” really look more and more like the old Keystone cops aka a buncha idiots. Just Google the “Endocannabinoid System” and how it relates to Cannabis, and you may find yourself rapidly emoting through the five stages of grief. Anger, shock and depression at how our own government perpetuated untrue myths about Cannabis. Once you accept how helpful Cannabis can be when used correctly, the only bargaining you may wish to conduct may be at your local dispensary.

Dan Herer, the son of Jack, who wrote “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” showed me a ten-dollar bill from the early 1900s.

In and of itself, upon first glance you see good old Andrew Jackson gracing the front. But when you look on the back of the bill, what’s that? Oh my. It’s a hemp farm. Maybe you already know our first President, George Washington, grew hemp. And, some speculate, cultivated a small patch of flowers that could be smoked. Let’s call that strain “Presidential Cherries.”

I think that most people alive today descended from farmers somewhere in our ancestral chain. It is those farmers, and the farmers of today to whom I tip my hemp hat. But it’s the Cannabis farmers who have fought on the front lines for 80 years to protect plant medicine for us and for our future generations. Thank you all for your service to our world.